sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

Duran Duran....Breath after breath (ama) breath after breath (danca)....

everyday i wake up in this room and i don't know
where i come from or where i going to then i hear the voice
senhore musa da paz me abraca, me carrega no teu andor
dormir no colo da dor amiga, arrasa a tua mao desenhou o sonho
na areia agora, entrega de vez meu rumo evida
From where i stand the truth isn't black and white alone we live and die, we love and fight
breath after breath we carry this mortal coil safe for tomorrow....

Public Image Limited....I could be wrong I could be right ,could be wrong...

I could be wrong
I could be right
I could be black
I could be white
I could be right
I could be wrong
I could be white
I could be black
Your time has come
your second skin
The cost so high
the gain so low
Walk through the valley

The written word is a lie

May the road rise with you....

Doves....Out of here, we're out of here, along with fear....

There goes the fear again
e goes the fear
And cars speed fast
Out of here
And life goes past
Again so near
There goes the fear again
There goes the fear....

viernes, 17 de abril de 2009

Neu !....


Neutral Milk Hotel....let me hold it close and keep it here with me....

And one day we will die
and our ashes will fly from
the aeroplane over the sea
but for now we are young
let us lay in the sun
and count every beautiful thing
we can see love to be
in the arms of all i'm keeping
here with me….

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci ....Mae Esyllt yn hoffi bod'n creadur a dyle fi gwybod

Cos fi 'di darllen ei dyddiadur
A mafe'n darlleniad da
Ah ah ah y ffordd oren....

Liars....Lay the cross that's how we choose to wrap it up......

Time and grant approved,
Oh, what a move
Took a sip
The compass over rock and cliff.
Dead for years
On devil's tears.
They disappear
Fly away

Spider web,
From my leg to my head....

es tarde....

Pavement....Let's get down to brass tacks and start it....

A carrot rope, feed my thrill,
I got beat by weather
It's time to get me off of the grounds
The wicket keeper is down,
The wicket keeper is down
And he gets me off of the grounds....

Gang of Four....The army has it's uses In times of civil crisis....

'allo boys! seen any action?
Hey boys, seen any... action?

Pull together with your mates
Against the common enemy

The private's not born that way

The private's not born that way

Guns take up all his time

With no job he'd be in a mess

Wanted action, gets
some in....

jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

Starsailor....so I turn to you and I say,....

Thank goodness for the Good Souls that make life better,
So I turn to you and I say,
If it wasn't for the Good Souls, life would not matter,

Wilco....this recent rash of kidsmoke ....

All these telescopic poems
It's good to be alone....

Quiero Club....There's no time... it's showtime....

there's no time for me....

Spoon....You when you were coming up ....

Did you think everyone knew
Something unclear to you
And when you were thrown in a crowd
Could you believe yourself
Did you repeat yourself
Cause no one would hear
And just say it again
Cause they never got you and you never got them....

Okkervil River....Wish I could remember why it mattered to me....

It doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me
anymore. Now that you're feeling fine, I'll
admit that - though I know it's coming down, and
see it shattering me - it doesn't matter to me,
and I'm not sadder for seeing it come.

Plastilina Mosh....you know it's la plastilina mosh

they break you el cerebro
they like to take
stolen moments of your cuerpo
they broke out your face
they live in woody allen's world
its all a part of show folks
-its all a part of show-
So live at the mosh

Catatonia....Gyda gwên, o glust i glust, Fe oedd y cyntaf i basio'r pyst....

Ni roedd o'n hawdd yn hollol naturiol, Roedd rhai yn ei alw o'n ffôl, Ond doedd ystyried byth yn dal o nôl, Nid du a gwyn, on hollol lligwar, Ond o mae'n ddrwg gen i, Wnest ti ddim ei weld o, Ag mae'n chwith gen i, Wnath o ddim rhagweld o, 'Deimlo ei hyn yn noethYmlith llif o syniadau doeth, Roedd rhaid fo fod yn unigolyn, Diddanwch mewn pellder oerYn ei fywyd di-ffrwyth ddi-glod, Mi awn fel hyn, heb unrhyw ystyried....

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

Los Prisioneros....El momento ha llegado ,de hacernos a un lado ,

jugando juegos de otros
nunca vamos a campeonar
Tu y yo tenemos buen gusto
nada nos puede dar susto
lo de afuera, afuera
ocupemos nuestro país
Influencias, sugerencias
europeos llévense su decadencia
advertencia, vamos a declarar
Independencia cultural
Independencia cultural....

es de noche .....

Kraftwerk....Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand...

Ich addiere
Und subtrahiere
Und Komponiere

Und wenn ich diese Taste druck
Spielt er ein kleines Musikstueck....

Pere Ubu....he'll never get the modern dance ....

Under the door there's an eye on the place
He watches for the shadows race
Watch real close
Look real fast
He's in touch ....

Pizzicato Five ....sensou wa doushite owaranaino kapa ....

sensou wa doushite nakunaranaino kana

futsukayoi no hi niwa
ongaku wa iranai
nani o kiitemo
kirai ni naru....

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

blonde redhead....allow me to show you!!!....

es de dia otra vez....

The Fall ....Hit the North....

Hit the North, My Cat says eeeee-ack, Hit the North, 95% of [hayseeds or corn-pone], guaranteed Computers infest the hotels, Cops can't catch criminals but what the heck, they're not too bad, they talk to God Religioussssss, Hit the North, Manacled to the city, All estate agents alive yell down nights in hysterical breath, There's no lights so pretty, Those big big big wide streets, Those useless MPs, Savages...Hit the North (Manacled to the system) From the back third eye psyche, the reflected mirror of delirium, Eastender and Victoria's lager, the induced call, mysterious, comes forth - Hit the North (Savages) Hit the North, Computers infest the hotels....of the fall discography....