sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

Weezer....When i look in the mirror i can't believe what i see....

it's time i got back to the good life
it's time i got back, it's time i got back
'n i don't even know how i got off the track
i wanna go back, yeah!....

Violent Femmes....I need someone a person to talk to....

need someone a person to talk to
Someone who'd care to love
Could it be you could it be you
Situation gets rough then i start to panic
It's not enough it's just a habit
Hey kid your sick well darling this is it
You can all just kiss off into the air
Behind my back i can see them stare
They'll hurt me bad but i won't mind
They'll hurt me bad they do it all the time
Yeah yeah they do it all the time....

Bloc Party....Turning away from the light....

becoming adult,turning into my soul,
I wanted to bite not destroy
to feel her underneath,turning into my soul, She don't think straight she's got such a dirty mind and it never ever stops and you don't taste like her and you never ever will and we don't read the papers we don't read the news heaven's never enough, we will never be fooled And if you feel a little left behind, I will see you on the other side , Cos i'm on fire, i'm on fire when you come
Im on fire so stub me out.

Futureheads....When I was a child, running in the night....

I was afraid of what might be when I was a child, running in the night, I was afraid of what might be hiding in the dark and hiding on the street and of what was following me, the hounds of love are calling I've always been a coward and I don't know what's good for me ,well here I go, it's coming at methrough the trees, help me, someone, help me, please Take your shoes off, and I will throw them in the lake and I will be, two steps on the water among your hounds of loving and feel your arms surround me ,I've always been a coward, and I dont know what's good for me, do you know what I need, do you know what I need, I need love love love love love, yeah....

Kaiser Chiefs.....What did you learn today? (I learned nothin’).....

What did you learn today? I learned nothin’ What did you do today? I did nothin’ What did you learn at school? I didn’t go, Why didn’t you go to school? I don’t know, It’s cool to know nothin’It’s cool to know nothin’Television’s on the blink, there’s nothin’ on it, I really wanna really big coat with words on it, What do you want for tea? I want crisps Why didn’t you join the team? I just didn’t,It’s cool to know nothin’ It’s cool to know nothin’ Take a look, take a look, take a look at the Kids on the street, No they never miss a beat , No they never miss a beat, No they never miss abeat, Never miss a beat , No Never miss a beat-beat, beat-beat, Never miss a beat....

Stereophonics....When you think about it he's watching .....

every word you say hey dazed and when he's sussed you, out he calls her up and out she comes and hustles us
the bartender and the thief are lovers
steal what they need like sisters and brothers met in a church a night to remember
robbing the graves of bodies dismembered .....

saved what they stole to meet at the alter place

where they first set eyes on each other
flew to the sun to start life all over set up a bar and robbed all the locals .

Idlewild....Every face, even the one you saw yesterday.....

it looks different today, because everything's changed since yesterday in every possible way,
things seem different today,
not like yesterday Is consideration,
more like an exception, of consideration?
You held the world in your arms tonight,and what if you held the world in your arms,When you're secure, do you feel much safer? when days never change and it's three years later it's like your life, hasn't changed and it's three years late how does it feel to be three years late and watching your youth drift away?what seems different seems different today....

viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009

Suede....Maybe maybe it's the clothes we wear ....

The tasteless bracelets and the dye
in our hair ,Maybe it's our kookiness
Or maybe maybe it's our nowhere towns
Our nothing places and our cellophane sounds Maybe it's our looseness ,
But we're trash you and me
We're the litter on the breeze
We're the lovers on the streets
Just trash me and you
It's in everything we do
It's in everything we do...

Arcade Fire...Every night my dream’s the same....

Same old city with a different name, men are coming to take me away, I don’t know why but I know I can’t stay....Late at night you can hear the sound, there’s a fear I keep so deep, Knew its name since before I could speak: Aaaah aaaaaah aaaaah aaaaaah, they know my name 'cause I told it to them but they don’t know where and they don’t know where, when It’s coming, Oh! when It’s coming , Keep the car running....

Stone Roses...I can feel the earth begin to move....

I hear my needle hit the groove
and spiral through another day,
I hear my song begin to say kiss me where the sun don't shine, the past was yours but the future's mine,you're all out of time, I don't feel too steady on my feet, I feel hollow ,I feel weak passion fruits and holy bread fill my guts and ease my head,
through the early morning sun
I can see her here she comes,she bangs the drums Have you seen her have you heard,the way she plays there are no words to describe the way I feel,How could it ever come to pass,she'll be the first she'll be the last to describe the way i feel
the way i feel....

Tindersticks....It was a dream I had....

This room was in the middle of a sandy plain, the walls were gone but the doors and windows remained, at the side of the bed were soft cushions, two dimensional ships like ocean liners sailed across this desert , as they passed, their huge bulks disappearing into a thin line, these ships were always full of people facing windows and sometimes find their problems seem like a day’s work following deep tracks, the boats kept passing by, I watched seven or eight of these drop offs and realised the process, the ships and the people within them never differed, I thought about following any of these ships to the end of their journey, but suspected I would end up back here or a place so similar that I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference....I can’t sleep in this bed anymore....

jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

The Wedding Present....Forgotten things they once knew....

And now there's really only one thing left to do
But I think that I'm more scared
Because this country doesn't care

And one day this will all be yours
And one day this will all be yours
And one day this will all be yours
And one day this will all be yours....

James....Here we come this is our destiny calling....

Guess that's the price of fame....
This is our destiny calling
Unique ,This is our destiny calling now
Don't believe the adverts
Don't believe the experts
Everyone will sell our souls

Get a little wiser,Get a little humble
Now we know that we don't know
Tell us when our time's up
Show us how to die well
Show us how to let it all go
Here we come this is our destiny calling,
We're freaks,This is our destiny calling
Unique....This is our destiny calling now....

Hard Fi....We're the stars of CCTV....

Making movies out on the street
Flashing blue lights, camera, action
Watching my life, main attraction
We're the stars of CCTV
Can't you see the camera loves me?....

Olivia Tremor Control....such a long way, a long way let's take off in the sky....

painting symbols and maps
keeps us occupied
the sound in the forest
you heard the whisper
i know you've come a long way
let's take off in the sky
and revel all the worlds that we've locked
inside, the sound in the forest
you heard the whisper
i know you've come a long way

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009

Los Planetas....Parece que hay un incendio....

Cada vez que nos juntamos, Parece que hay un incendio, cuando tu estas a mi lado, Parece que estoy ardiendo, cuando tu estas a mi lado Parece que estoy ardiendo.
Así que ya lo sabes, aquí te espero....
Porque te llevo dentro tan bien metida
Eres dueña y señora, del alma mia....

The Go Team....Give it all! ....

Do it! Do it! All right!
We have the right combination, we got everything
And to strike faster than lightning, we raise what we bring.
We have the right combination,
It ain't time to crawl.
Give it all!
Do it! Do it! All right!
Got ideas to supply....

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

The National....Stay out super late tonight ....

Tiptoe through our shiny city
with our diamond slippers on
do our gay ballet on ice
bluebirds on our shoulders
we’re half-awake in a fake empire

Turn the light out say goodnight
no thinking for a little while
lets not try to figure out everything at once
It’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky
we’re half-awake in a fake empire ....

domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Mazzy star....I want to hold the hand inside you....

i want to take a breath that's true, i look to you and i see nothing, i look to you to see the truth you live your life , you go in shadows you'll come apart and you'll go black some kind of night into your darkness colors your eyes with what's not there.fade into you strange you never knew fade into you, i think it's strange you never knew a stranger's light comes on slowly a stranger's heart without a home you put your hands into your head and then smiles cover your heart fade into you strange you never knew fade into you i think it's strange you never knew....

The Shins....well, i'd 'a jumped from my tree ....

and i'd a danced like the king of the eyesores
and the rest of our lives would 'a fared well.
New slang when you notice the stripes, the dirt in your fries.
hope it's right when you die, old and bony.
dawn breaks like a bull through the hall,
never should have called
but my head's to the wall and i'm lonely.
And if you'd 'a took to me like
a gull takes to the wind....

The Stills....the dark winter snows bright....

please stay here tonight
walk on my face straight through my pillow
Some things last forever, why can't this last forever
nothing lasts forever, i hope this lasts forever
i love you and i won't let myself let you go
Some things last forever, why can't this last forever....