viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Midnight Oil....My life is a valuable thing.....

I wan't to keep it that way, I won't cry My life's such a valuable thing some things don't fade away, I don't mind, we give the best we can give, we won't forget, we can't forgive, keep us radioactive free, strike a bell in Hiroshima park. you know that we can't see in the dark, we try and we try and we try...Who waits for the planes to come, when everybody's got you on the run South Pacific carry on, it seems to me that what we're saying nobody really wants to talk about it this is no time to be wondering why, I do the best I can do, the human jungle and the global zoo I'll find my way it's a very special way, why wait for the planes to come, when everybody's got us on the run, South Pacific carry on, here come the hercules, Here come the submarines, Sinking south pacific dreams ....I remember....

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  1. Why wait for the planes to come,When everybody's got us on the run,South Pacific carry on
    Here come the hercules
    Here come the submarines
    Sinking south pacific dreams....

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  2. Awwwwww Manic street preachers <3

    Hay que hacerle un club de fans a los club de fans, jiji

  3. Gracias por esta estupenda recopilación mi regiomontano amigo y arriba "the cure", será la edad, pero es medio dificil encontrar música que no presuponga una lobomia para poderla escuchar...

  4. Thanks for this great-Midnight-valuable post :-D
    ... and for the other great posts I'm hopefully gonna go through ...