martes, 12 de mayo de 2009

My Bloody Valentine .....Sleep....

(where) she won't care anyway(where) Soft as a pillow touch her there where she won't dare somewhere Sleep like a (royal) (subject) Think that you grew stronger there Speak she's not (scared) soft like there's silk everywhere Sleep (is a) pillow, come where she won't dare anyway (where) (look) in the mirror she's not there where she won't care somewhere....

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  1. Sleep....

    1985 This Is Your Bloody Valentine LP

    1987 Ecstacy & Wine LP

    1988 Isn't Anything LP

    1991 Loveless LP

    1985 Geek EP

    1986 The New Record By My Bloody Valentine EP

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    1987 Strawberry Wine EP

    1987 Sunny Sundae Smile EP

    1988 You Made Me Realise EP

    1988 Feed Me With Your Kiss EP

    1990 Glider EP

    1991 Tremolo EP