martes, 9 de junio de 2009

Beck ....Lost cause....

Sorry eyes,cut to the bone make it hard, to leave u alone, leave u here, wearin your wounds,wavin your guns at somebody new, Baby i'm a lost baby i'm a lost baby i'm a lost cause, theres too many people u used to know, they see u comin,they see u go they know your secrets, you know theres this town is crazy, no body cares baby i'm a lost baby , I'm a lost baby your a lost cause, Tired of fighting tired of fighting fighting for a lost cause, theres a place where u are going, you ain't never been , before no one laughing at your back now no one standing at your door, that's what u think love was for baby, I'm a lost baby i'm a lost baby your a lost cause,Tired of fighting tired of fighting fighting for a lost cause....

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  1. they see u go, they know your secrets....

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