lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

Damon Albarn.....Friday night In the kingdom of doom.....

Ravens fly across the moon all in now there’s a noise in the sky following all the rules and not knowing why….And when the sunset wheel begins, Turning into the night, I see everything in black and white and then………………Drink all day, coz the country is at war, Soon your be falling of the palace walls, I can’t be anymore than I say, In the flood we all get washed away, A love song for the collaboration, You and me will never be undone, We’ll let it flow away.....

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  1. I see everything in black and white
    And then………………

    Ravenous 1999 Damon Albarn y Michael Nyman.
    pass: golfo

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  2. Huy este post es viejo, oye 101 reykjavik es una peli que en español se llama "la novia de mi madre"?? no sabía que damon había coolaborado