domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Crystal Castles....In the dark, We come out and play....

We are it's children and were here to stay, running through, hungry for strays, no invitation, take me awayI'm not cruel, but that's still what you see, Club to club, come see this city with me, hungry for life, without your pity, I don't want it, but you give it still can't say she wont start up, still can't say she wont start up a fight, you go city, cause in the city of life she can't she can't wait, in the darkness, a killer awaits, to kill a life and the lies you make, you do another, So this death can live, Just keep on dancing, to the movie your in the smell of your sweat, Just lures me in your heartbeat, Does sing to me....

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  1. Running feet, Beats my blood,
    My ghost inside you....

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    Crystal Castles (March 18, 2008)


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