viernes, 17 de julio de 2009

The Hives....Do what I want cause I can and if I don't....

because I wanna be ignored
by the stiff
and the bored,
because I’m gonna spit
and retrieve
cause I give and receive

because I wanna gonna get through

your head what the mystery man said

because I’m gonna hate to say
I told you so.

I do believe I told you so.
now it's all out
and you knew cause
I wanted to turn my back

on the rot that's been planning the plot
I’m gonna no need for me
to wait because
I wanna no need two,
three and too late
I’m gonna hate to say I told you so....

1 comentario:

  1. I do believe I told you so do what
    I please gonna spread the disease
    because I wanna gonna call all the shots
    for the "no"s and the "not"s because
    I wanna ask me once I’ll answer twice
    cause what I know I’ll tell because
    I wanna sound device and lots of ice
    I’ll spell my name out loud because I wanna,
    oh yeah....


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