martes, 14 de julio de 2009

Roxy Music ....All you cares now, they seem oh so far away all your fears....

I fear I once shared now I know
there's a future for all of us

not so long ago I was so scared

you seemed so sad I could see

through your twisted smile

so unsure always confused

pale blue eyes gazing down

from your ivory tower
through the haze
broken and bruised
out of the blue
love came rushing
out of the sky came the sun
out of left field came a lucky day

out of the blue
no more pain
I don't mind
if it's only a passing craze

1 comentario:

  1. Throw away lines often ring true
    if i were you, I would stay
    for a little while, I you were me
    would you walk out in style?....

    Roxy Music (1972)

    For Your Pleasure (1973)

    Stranded (1973)

    Country Life (1974)

    Siren (1975)

    Manifestó (1979)

    Flesh And Blood (1980)

    Avalon (1982)