domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks....My eyes are gript my fist are clenched....

My brain is open my mouth rips, I woke up dreaming, you are my vision, I want to touch you my fingers quiver, across the room, under the covers, open the Blankets, You’re my wound, My wrists are split, My elbows twisted, My shoulders bent, My knees arthritic, I woke up bleeding, You are my razor, I want to touch you my fingers quiver across the window, under the curtain, break the glass, feel the pain, my guts in knots, I convulse, I fall on the floor, I search for pulse, I woke up heaving, you are submission, I want to touch you, my fingers shiver, across the street, under the pavement, open the concrete, you’re the heat

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  1. I woke up dreaming, you are my vision....
    I’m in a closet and I can’t breath....

    No New York 1978

    Pink (1979)

    Pre-Teenage Jesus (1979)

    Teenage Jesus and the Jerks

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