jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Client....What brought us to this, what brought us to life....

what brought us to the here and now, this trouble in time, what brought us to this, what brought us to mind, what brought us to the now and then this trouble in time, You know you're sick you play your power games, I know you're not beyond the blame, you know you lie and then deny, you know you're throwing your love, our love away, you know you're turning you turn your heart away, you know you've fallen in love with deepest lies, You know you're pushing you push your luck again, you know you're twisted you twist the knife again, you know i'll save my pain for the darkest night, we know there's nothing we know the past is gone, I realise you're not the only one, I'll take my time the future's bright....

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  1. Lights go out...here I go again....


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  2. heii mi amiguin del blog"!!! a nu maaa ia te extrañaba....ahaha zeep dio un cambio....maz hippiozo como iio ahahaha....a nu maaaa me guzta venir a aqui ez un ambiente bn cooOlL...ahaha...hei a ver zi me pazaz tu correo cuidatheee chicoo muzical"!!