sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Graham Coxon....I can't feel the same again now that I found you....

and I won't be the same again, now that I found you, Once it was so easynow it just ain't that and you won't believe me cause I, I never knew, I want you to remember the good times and everytime I see you a sadness falls upon me cause, I still love you and long for you and me, I want you to remember the good times....

2 comentarios:

  1. All has gone can't you see, lights slipped on out of me, Never could see the spring time, only believe in winter, Hair too long hard to see, crow sit on the blood tree, skies black and blue, ill treated even the moon feels cheated....

    1. The Sky Is Too High (1998)

    2. The Golden D (2000)

    3. Crow Sit on Blood Tree (2001)

    4. The Kiss of Morning (2002)

    5. Happiness in Magazines (2004)

    6. Love Travels at Illegal Speeds (2006)

    7. The Spinning Top (2009)

  2. Uff Graham tiene uno de los sonidos más representativos del britpop de los noventas, un excelente músico.
    Saludos britpoperos!