lunes, 17 de agosto de 2009

The Ocean Blue....Quietly, almost elusively almost invisibly....

I found that I for a moment had slipped away. ripped in two, then pasted back again, then crumpled up inside, then tossed aside, you know that It feels so bad. oh Mercury, oh Mercury, happened once, then it, happened twice, then it happened thrice and now a fourth? you know that? quietly, almost elusively almost invisibly, I found that I for a moment, Had slipped away. oh Mercury....

2 comentarios:

  1. Her world came crashing down and all that it contained, A million pieces of dreams coming apart at the seams, But she twists and she whirls, dismissing it all away, Wasn't quite the same as it was yesterday....

    Studio albums

    1. The Ocean Blue (1989)

    2. Cerulean (1991)

    3. Beneath the Rhythm And Sound (1993)

    4. See The Ocean Blue (1996)

    5. Davy Jones' Locker (2001)

  2. ¿¿Qué pasa con el disco "See" de "The Ocean Blue"??

    Ese disco lo he buscado por cielo, mar y tierra, y hasta la fecha, no lo he encontrado.

    Tengo todos los demás, pero me falta sólo ese.

    Gracias por compartir. Luego les mando links que sí funcionen.