sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

The Slits....Don't create don't rebel, have intuition can't decide....

Typical girls get upset to quickly, Typical girls can't control themselves, Typical girls are so confusing, Typical girls you can always tell, Typical girls don't think too clearly, Typical girls are unpredictable (predictable) Typical girls try to be, Typical girls very well, Typical girls are looking for something, Typical girls fall under spells, Typical girls buy magazines, Typical girls feel like hell, Typical girls worry about spots, fat, and natural smells, Sniky fake smells, Typical girls try to be, Typical girls very well Don't create, Don't rebel, Have intution, Don't drive well, Typical girls try to be, Typical girls very well, Can't decide what clothes to wear, Typical girls are sensitive, Typical girls are emotional, Typical girls are cruel and bewitching, She's a femme fatale, Typical girls stand by their man, Typical girls are really swell, Typical girls learn how to act shocked, Typical girls don't rebel, Who invented the typical girl? Who's bringing out the new improved model? And there's another marketing ploy, Typical girl gets the typical boy, The typical boy gets the typical girl, The typical girl gets the typical boy....

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  1. Typical girls Don't create don't rebel, have intuition can't decide

    Studio albums

    Cut September 1979

    The Slits May 1980

    Return of the Giant Slits October 1981

    The Peel Sessions February 1987

    In The Beginning

    Revenge of the Killer Slits 2006