miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

The B-52s....We were at a party....

His ear lobe fell in the deep, Someone reached in and grabbed it, It was a rock lobster Rock Lobster !!! Rock Lobster!!!, We were at the beach Everybody had matching towels, Somebody went under a dock and there they saw a rock, It wasn't a rock, It was a rock lobster, Rock Lobster!!! Rock Lobster!!! Potion in the ocean, His air hose broke, Lots of trouble, Lots of bubble, He was in a jam, Said the giant clam!!! Rock, Rock Rock Lobster!!! Down, down, Underneath the waves, Mermaids wavin' Wavin' to mermen Wavin' sea fans, Sea horses sailin' Dolphins wailin' Rock Lobster!!! Rock Lobster!!! Red snappers snappin' Clam shells clappin' Muscles flexin' Flippers flippin' Rock, Rock Rock Lobster Down, down... Lobster... Rock, Lobster... Rock Let's rock!!! Boy's and bikinis, Girls and surfboards Everybody's rockin' Everybody's frugin' Twistin' round the fire, Havin' fun, Bakin' potatoes, Bakin' in the sun, Put on your noseguard, Hit on the Lifeguard, Pass the tanning butter, Here comes a stingray, There goes a manta-ray, In walked a jelly fish There goes a dog-fish, Chased by a cat-fish, In flew a sea robin, Watch out for that piranha There goes a narwhal, HERE COMES A BIKINI WHAlE, ROCK LOBSTER, ROCK LOBSTER, ROCK LOBSTER....

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  1. Roam if you want to roam around the world
    Roam if you want to without wings without wheels
    Roam if you want to roam around the world
    Roam if you want to without anything but the love we feel....

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