lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

Violent Femmes....I need someone a person to talk to....

need someone a person to talk to someone who'd care to love, could it be you could it be you, situation gets rough then i start to panic, It's not enough it's just a habit, hey kid your sick well darling this is it you can all just kiss off into the air, behind my back i can see them stare, they'll hurt me bad but i won't mind, they'll hurt me bad they do it all the time, yeah yeah they do it all the time, I hope you know this will go down on your permanent record, oh yeah well don't get so distressed, did i happen to mention that I’m impressed, I take one one one cause you left me and Two two two for my family and 3 3 3 for my heartache and 4 4 4 for my headaches and 5 5 5 for my lonely and 6 6 6 for my sorrow and 7 7 for no tomorrow and 8 8 i forget what 8 was for and 9 9 9 for a lost god and 10 10 10 10 for everything, Everything, everything, everything....

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  1. Everything,everything,everything....

    Violent Femmes (1982)

    Hallowed Ground (1984)

    The Blind Leading the Naked (1986)

    3 (1988)

    Why Do Birds Sing? (1991)

    New Times (1994)

    Rock!!!!! (1995)

    Freak Magnet (2000)

    Add it up