martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Ozomatli....Imagine wakin up solidarity is evident....

Harmony rules time is irrelevant, People to places the message basic from raised fist to sit in resist to change shit, Peep this scenario to the future bro, 2020 and some number of year ago, People rose up governments froze up, World wide block party everybody shows up, Up on rooftops, ghettos and hotspots, People celebrate no more souls rot, No more bloodshed over false deficit, Even hip hop gets a fuckin face lift, The latest fashion, stock markets crash in, It’s Saturday time to get the party crackin, If the time and the day is right, The revolution will begin this Saturday nite, Chorus: dip, dive, socialize, get ready for the Saturday nite....

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  1. Aqui no existe la tristeza, solo existe la alegriaes, el baile de los queridos, de los queridos del pasado....

    Studio albums
    Ozomatli (1998)

    Embrace the Chaos (2001)

    Street Signs (2004)

    Don't Mess with the Dragon (2007)

    Fire Away (2010)