jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists....Innocence, it don't come easy in a sense it never will....

Accidents mean no one's guilty, ignorance means someone's killed, So I asked our Mr. Mellor how one gets to where one's going and he points to his survival, and he points me down the road, As I go on, Wondering if I've got a soul and counting down the hours 'til it goes, On a dark wet night in April, on a street in Jersey where, I went looking for some writing that I knew would not be there and a punter from the Pelhams and the police, in the rain,Were concerned more with a car than with the fact the light had changed, But after listening all morning, as I drove down 95, To a story of detainees who were barely kept alive, I could deal with trying to process pigeons acting like they're doves, But not with interference from the power lines above, As I go on, Wondering if I've got a soul and Counting down the hours 'til it goes and oh, precautions, yes precautions, But if you're playing with a gun, you could kill someone and in the dark....

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  1. dark it's hard to know a friend, But I'm not angry, I won't be forever angry, As I'm walking toward tomorrow with a rifle in my hand and I'm thinking about New England, and I'm missing old Japan and a mountain in California where a spring runs hot and cold and if I told you I felt ageless, would you tell me I'm not old? As I go on, Wondering if I've got a soul and Counting down the hours 'till it goes....

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