domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Gang Gang Dance....Glory in Itself....

Tipping on the thunder of a paradigm, Soaking on the thread of a nursery rhyme, Oh my a, a dandy indeed, Oh my a, a dandy indeed, With a shiver of mint or rotten hay, Worthy only of rancor, Thy light and shed thy light, Ooh how it posses me, Glory in itself, anyone and anyone, But the self, Glory in itself, anyone and anyone else, Oh my a, a dandy indeed, Oh my a, a dandy indeed, Cunning on the tip toes of a leash, Ooh, the carnal and boyish, My time is already spent, Thru juvenile thoughtlessness, I've seen it with my eyes, I felt it with my hands....

2 comentarios:

  1. Give me silence, No more talking, Give me patience, before I fail, Before my voice fails....

    Gang Gang Dance
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    Revival of the Shittest 2004

    Gang Gang Dance 2004

    God's Money 2005

    Saint Dymphna 2008

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