jueves, 18 de agosto de 2011

World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation.....Like children they play, I wanna feel at home, I want to feel at home

You know I cant stay, I wanna feel at home, I want to feel at home, nah at night and in the day light, come on broken boys, lets stay tight, so when the morning comes and were all dead we can live free just like my brother said, he said “don’t stay, go out and play, you cant live until your dead." But you know the freedom that my brother saw, it deep down, it in your heart, Nah the children play like my brother say and I wanna feel at home and it’s the beautiful sight at the break of day light, that makes me feel like ill find a home, so to the girls and boys calling out wolf noise, one day you’ll find a home And if the world unites, sets the mounatin alight, then outside your house will become your home, Like children lets play, i wanna feel at home, I want to feel at home....

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  1. I wish I could sleep tonight....

    Go Tell Fire To The Mountain 2011