domingo, 26 de julio de 2009

Deerhoof....Your legs don't work and you're caught in the light....

You can see through the walls so nothing is right.There's a man in the cellar next door and he's scratching the floor fifty miles away. You didn't know him till today. You're walking home and your heart has been drained, But you're eyes have been newly trained and the roof is invisible now. It's incredible how you were ever blind. Now you will always find: Rooms are connected, Eyes are perfected, Hey, now, now, Hey, now, now, You can see. Something you shouldn't be. Something suddenly free. What will happen now if:The eyes are too strong? The horizon's too long? I can see, I can see. But Mama says it's wrong. In the night I'll lose it. It's not right but I'll use it. I can see, I can see. As my lungs fill with air and the world is laid bare, What will happen to me? The warning says, "you can see." You will forever riddle....

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  1. Now the castle rising in the sky eternally, Crumbles to the ground before me now the king is laughing on a throne, Eternally, We couldn't dream, Silver screen endings, Now the children
    Living in the house, Eternally, Hanging in the air, Before me, Now the milk man, Marches on his way eternally....

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