lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Low....They put the treasure deep inside us....

Inside us, inside us, They thought the desert would divide us, Divide us, divide us, With silence, They filled our hearts and hands with violence, With violence, with violence, It's time to leave the fields behind us, Behind us, behind us, In silence....

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  1. Your heart will do the rest....

    Studio albums

    I Could Live in Hope - (1994)

    Long Division - (1995)

    The Curtain Hits the Cast - (1996)

    Secret Name - (1999)

    Things We Lost in the Fire - (2001)

    Trust - (2002)

    The Great Destroyer - (2005)

    Drums and Guns (previously The Violent Path) - (2007)

  2. Downloaded this, I Could Live in Hope - (1994) from the link provided as I can't seem to find the password of the rar file. Why does it have to be protected !!! WHY ??!!?!

    The alternate link:
    I Could Live in Hope - (1994)