sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

The Boo Radleys....And now the dust has settled I'm still left with me....

Still trying to think of what it is I'd like to be, Always looking for the easy exit out, Never stopping to wonder why, Colours faded by the raping of the land, Colours diluted by the raping of woman, We celebrate the life and history of man, How we suffer for all we've achieved, I've never met you Philip Morris but I know, You treat me like I was the son you never killed, I am your servant and yes you have raised me well, Will you put flowers on my grave, M.I.L.L.E.N.I.U.M.-I want to spend it with you, Trying to make some sense of this I can't work it out (Nobody lives here anymore), A trophy for our new captain who'll blame someone else, (We should have spent the days on so much more), They're building a monument a for a dead century....

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