lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah .....Maniac, don’t say it in again, when I can see you.....

in the rose, I call the money or witness satnding there in hard drive, ask me if I understand what is good for me a aah, cant you se it’s a promise, trust it, some say so longhow could you, some say, you can take me but leave ma daughter alone, we can sit forever in my mind, finding no stars in the sky, we col.uld, our hunted, I miss the way you stare at me, as if I were a memory, feeling and I know, touch anymore, now the dream is , I might not, some way out of the silence, my mind is stuck, in the sky, to our hunted, never let....

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  1. I miss the way you stare at me....

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